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The Seal of the Cuban-American Military Council (CAMCO) was designed to create a visual representation of the ideals, hopes and aspirations of the organization.
Central to the Seal are two flags. The solitary white star on the red background with blue and white stripes represents the Cuban flag, while the stars on a blue background with red and white stripes represent the flag of the United States of America. The union of these two flags on the CAMCO Seal symbolizes the future friendship, cooperation and trust that will be reestablished between the two countries.
The white background, upon which the two flags lie, is for both the purity of CAMCO’s motivation for democracy and the principles of freedom. The blue band surrounding the white circle represents the tenacity and valor of all Cubans, inside and outside the island, who have actively opposed communist tyrannical rule for almost half of a Century. The red border surrounding the blue band, symbolizes the justice and respect for the civil authorities that will always be part of CAMCO’s motivation.

      “Only oppression should fear the full exercise of freedom” José Marti